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Find for yourself a rabbi (to support and teach you), take for yourself a friend (to do mitzvot together), and judge each member of the community for their merit. 

(Pirkei Avot 1:6)

Membership is an opportunity to develop friendships, learn, become involved in your heritage, and support the only LGBT synagogue in the Washington, DC area. Come join us!

To join Bet Mishpachah as a member is easy.  The Membership Information Guide provides important information on the benefits of membership.  

You can download and mail a paper membership form. The first two pages provides us with membership information about you along with a dues form.Note that Bet Mishpachah offers special dues rates for full-time students, young adult members, new members, and those living outside the Washington/Baltimore area. Reduced dues are available for those who cannot afford the full amount.  No one is denied membership for financial reasons. Mail membership forms and check to: Bet Mishpachah, Dept 0520, Washington DC 20073-0520.

The membership form also includes a Yahrzeit page to update your list of loved ones to be mentioned at our services.  In addition, we have a “Getting Involved” page where you can let us know any specific interests that you might have to enhance your participation with our congregation.

Member benefits end at the end of the membership year.  If you have difficulty in renewing your membership for any reason, please contact the Vice President for Membership